Big Group Schedule & FAQ

2019 “Big Group” Meeting Schedule

(4 weekends & 4 Saturdays)

  • January 26 – 27
  • February 23 (Saturday only)
  • April 6 – 7
  • June 22 (Saturday only)
  • July 20 – 21
  • September 21 (Saturday only)
  • November 2 – 3
  • December 14 (Saturday only)

2020 “Big Group” Meeting Schedule

2020 Big Group Dates:

  1. Jan 25 – 26 
  2. Feb 22 
  3. April 4 – 5
  4. May 16 – 17
  5. July 18 – 19
  6. Sept 12 – 13
  7. Oct 3 – 4
  8. Nov 7 – 8 – CANCELED – No meeting this weekend.
  9. Dec. 12 (Saturday Only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of the 4 formats are integral elements of the DH10 program and therefore attendance is required. The formats are; Big Group, Small Group, On-line courses, and Private Sessions. Missed Big Group meetings require payment and listening to the recordings from those meetings.
Typically our Big Group meetings are from 10 am – 6 pm.
Ridhwan Center, 2075 Eunice Street, Berkeley, CA 94709
Please follow this link for directions to the Ridhwan Center and Parking.
There are many local restaurants within walking distance of our Berkeley center and we have a refrigerator for bag lunches.
As we are a no shoes building, please wear sox. Bring a timer, paper and pen for exercises. Bag lunches are welcome or you can visit a local restaurant.
Contact DH10 administrator, Greg Marchini at who will match you with a teacher in your location that accommodates your schedule as much as possible.
The fundamentals of the Diamond Approach will be taught over a period of about 7 – 10 years but DH10 will likely continue on for many years beyond these initial years. For some students, the fundamental period is sufficient engagement for them with the Diamond Approach. However, as this is only a portion of the Diamond Approach path that has been unfolding, many students continue on well beyond this initial period. Many have been working regularly with the DA since it began over 40 years ago, so the length of involvement is up to each student. All of your CADH10 teachers have been students for 20 years or more.
Please visit our Applications page here for step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions, please send an email to our administrator, Greg Marchini at
Bay Area locations will be determined by Small Group teachers and students are sorted according to their own location whenever possible.
DH10 recordings will be available exclusively for DH10 students via the Ridhwan Portal, which is a password protected section of the general Ridhwan Website. Recording typically come available within 36 hours of the meeting.
Full payments are due before participating in the Big Groups, Small Groups, On-line courses, or private sessions.
Go here for fee details. Can I attend now and pay later? Any requests for exceptions to the payment policy must be pre-approved by the CADH10 teachers and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Sorry but DH10 does not have scholarship funding or discounted fees at this time. If there are extenuating circumstances, its best to discuss the situation with your private teacher to help clarify the issue or write to our administrator, Gregory at:
Yes, Hameed teaches a 3-day winter retreat and an eight-day summer retreat annually. These retreats become available to DH10 students after they have completed the required curriculum.
DH10 Big Group Meetings are open to all those truly interested in joining this local Diamond Approach group. No prior experience is needed to register. New people may attend 1-2 Big Group meetings before applying and committing to the group. DH10 will continue to welcome new participants to attend a big group meeting and will accept new applications throughout 2019. Its closing date is yet to be determined.

For other questions contact our administrator, Gregory at