The Ridhwan Center is located at 2075 Eunice St, Berkeley, CA 94709.

From Highway 80, traveling to Berkeley from either the north or the south, take the Gilman Street exit. Gilman passes through business and residential areas and will end at Hopkins Street.

Turn left onto Hopkins, which will end at Sutter Avenue. Turn right onto Sutter. Pass Amador on the left and continue on Sutter, which curves slightly left. At the next traffic light, turn left onto Eunice St. (Sutter becomes Henry St at the traffic light.) There is no separate left turn lane, so watch for oncoming traffic, which has right of way. The Ridhwan Center is the second building on the left on Eunice St.

We strongly recommend that you consult our parking map before coming to the center, in order to facilitate parking in accordance with the directions below. Carpooling and use of public transport is strongly recommended – this is a busy and densely populated area, and local residents’ parking needs should be taken into account. Please step lightly and respect privacy and gardens as you walk to the Center.


There are limited parking spaces in the Ridhwan Center lot. Priority will be given to those with medical needs for proximity to the building (in this case you may reserve a space ahead of time) and to carpools with three or more people. It is important to park sparsely in the surrounding area, as there are events almost every weekend and neighbor relations are essential. Please don’t take the last space; be sure to leave some parking for people who live in the area, and don’t always park your car in the same place, as neighbors are more likely to complain if they see the same car parked in the space in front of their house two days in a row.

You are requested to not park in the following places:

  • Shattuck above Eunice, between Eunice and Amador
  • Amador Ave. directly behind our center
  • Eunice St. other than directly in front of the center
  • Sutter St./Henry St. between Yolo Ave. and Berryman St.

There are 2-hour time limits on most weekday parking within a 2 block radius, east of Henry St.

Generally cars should spread out in the areas below (west of) Henry St. (there are steps from Milvia up to Henry St. opposite Eunice St); and above (east of) Henry St., beyond Shattuck Ave. Take care not to block anyone’s driveway; and be mindful of our neighbors.

Overnight parking in the parking lot is not permitted.

Public Transport

You can travel by BART to the Downtown Berkeley Station. Get a BART transfer ticket to take a northbound 7 or 18 AC Transit bus along Shattuck Avenue. Get off at Henry and Berryman Street. Walk one block north to Eunice Street. The southbound 7 (along Arlington Ave) and 18 (up Solano Ave from San Pablo Ave) buses stop at Sutter and Yolo, a short block from Eunice St. For the best route to the Center from your home, use For BART information and schedules, go to, and for AC Transit information and schedule, go to