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Four Different Meeting Formats

One of the most unique features of the Diamond Approach is how it offers multiple ways to learn and develop. Below are descriptions of our four different formats.  Each of these formats provide a network of well-rounded support for the spiritual development of each of our students.

DH10 Big Group

This group is where the main teachings of the Diamond Approach are presented. During the Big Group meetings, DH10 teachers will present the Diamond Approach teachings, practices (meditations, chants, visualizations, sensing and movement practices) and experiential exercises. A unique element of DA teachings is the inclusion of specifically designed, experiential exercises that encourage students to explore and investigate the teachings truth for themselves. Meetings usually end with time for group sharing of personal experiences from the exercises, along with questions and comments.

Also unique is how the DH10 curriculum builds upon itself so all teaching presentations are recorded. This allows students to stay current with the unfolding of the teachings in Big Group. These recordings allow students to “review” a teaching or those who miss a session, or those joining the group later in the year to “catch-up” what has been missed. It is a requirement that all students make-up any missed sessions, regardless of when they officially join DH10. For example, someone joining DH10 in 2020, would need to listen to all of the recordings from 2018 and 2019 to catch up with the group.

Although essential to listen to the recordings in a timely way, these missed weekends may be reviewed according to students’ personal schedules.

Follow the links for information regarding the Big Group Meeting Schedule and Fees & Policies.

Note: There is a 65% off discount for those joining the group later in 2020 and  needing to “catch up” with teachings that happened in prior years.

Big Group Teaching Team The Big Group teaching team for 2020 consists of Nancee Sobonya, Bob Duchman,  Johanna Holloman, Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson.

Diamond Net On-Line Courses

In addition to the Big Group meetings, there will be a six-part series of Diamond Net on-line teachings. This series of hour-long, pre-recorded teachings, titled Introduction to the Diamond Approach, will be offered to DH10 accepted students as part of their ongoing curriculumThe courses are also available to participants who have not yet applied to DH10. This series will be accompanied by live question and comment segments, providing students access to a broad range of themes and teachers of the Diamond Approach in addition to the DH10 teachers.

This course is available on demand and features presentations from Hameed Ali, Jeanne Rosenblum, Rob Merkx, and Zarina Maiwandi.

Details for how to register for these required Diamond Net courses at a discount will be made available to accepted group members. If you haven’t received this information, please contact Gregory at

Small Group Meetings

As of January 2020, Small Groups have formed to help students learn more about the practices of inquiry, meditation, sensing and teachings of the Diamond Approach. Each Small Group has a consistent membership of 15 – 20 students from DH10 and will be facilitated by a DA teacher. This smaller and more intimate setting provides students an opportunity to inquire with the help of the teacher into their own experiences as well as a chance to observe how the teacher works with their peers. Within this shared field, the students get to experience and know each other in more true and meaningful ways. The groups meet once a month, cost is $40/meeting, and attendance is required.

Small group meetings are part of the ongoing commitment of being a student in DH10 as in all Academy groups. Tuition for small group is required for each meeting even when not able to attend.

Private Sessions

A very unique feature of the Diamond Approach is the use of one on one, private sessions with a DA teacher. These sessions are designed particularly for the individual needs and development of each student. A private teacher assists the student in navigating their individual experience to reveal the underlying meaning and depth. These sessions are considered “the heart” of our inner work, helping students reconnect with their authentic nature. They are a primary support for the ongoing integration of DH10 teachings and deepening into our spiritual understanding. Twice a month private sessions are recommended however once a month is the required minimum.  The cost of private sessions ranges from $90 to $140 according to each teacher.

Application to DH10

To become an official member of DH10, students must complete an application questionnaire. The DH10 teachers take great care in assessing each individual application to help discover if DH10 and the Diamond Approach is a good fit for their individual needs and life situation. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you are considered “preliminarily accepted” into DH10. Full acceptance will be determined by your private teacher after you have completed at least ten private sessions and attended a minimum of two official DH10 weekends.

We understand that this is an intimate document, therefore all applications are held in strict confidence and shared only between DH10 teachers. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.

For questions or to request an application, write our administrator, Gregory at:

LAST CHANCE TO JOIN!  For those of you undecided, or just learning about DH10, please know that we will be closing the group to  the public after the  next weekend in July 18/19. We will continue accepting new applications to join the on-going group until September.  If you are new to DH10, you may still attend the official DH10 meeting in July to have a direct experience of DH10 and Diamond Approach work to see if it’s a good fit. To continue attending these meetings, you would need to apply and be accepted as an on-going member. DH10  will accept new applications until September 2020. If you would like to attend the July Big Group meeting to experience this work and group, please visit the registration page. To apply to DH10, please visit the application page.