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To register for a Big Group Meeting please use the online form below. Payment by credit card, debit card or PayPal is accepted. We request that registration and full payment are completed a minimum of 6 days prior (to avoid $25 late fee) but no later than Friday noon, the day before the Big Group starts. After submitting your registration form below, you will receive an automated email confirmation with meeting details and Zoom link.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend a meeting, please let our administrator know in advance and your payment will be applied to the recordings which you are required to review to help you keep up the DH10 curriculum.

For Registration questions please contact Linda at [email protected].

Registration Form



$25 Late Registration Fee starts on the Monday before Big Group (avoid fee by registering at least 6 days before the Big Group)

Registration Ends: Friday @ noon (the day before Big Group – late fee applies)


Special Offer – Foundational Practices Course by Sandra Maitri
We have always emphasized the necessary development of the DA practices: Kath meditation, Sensing, Looking, Listening (SLL) and Inquiry to deepen, support and sustain our growing realization. Developing regular practices cannot be emphasized enough. We recognize that this development requires continual support to help inspire and deepen our understanding of their gifts. In this spirit, we offer a 4-part, online course taught by Sandra Maitri, one of our highly regarded senior teachers and Enneagram specialist. She has graciously extended a $30 discount for DH10 students only, thus dropping the price from $95 to $65 total (please do not share coupon below with others)

Sandra’s course is purposely designed to sharpen and renew our relationship to these practices and clear up misunderstandings and personal obstacles and is genuinely helpful for everyone, wherever you are on the path. The course skillfully guides us to fully embrace and integrate these practices into our daily lives thus nurturing the beauty and grace of our unfolding transformation and realization.

To register or learn more please go HERE
Use this coupon to receive the $30 off: DH10Foundations
If you have registration question please contact DAOnline Support HERE

Regular attendance to Big Group, Small Group and private sessions is a requirement for all DH10 students. When you must miss a Big or Small group, advance registration and full payment for each is still required so you can have access to the recordings for Big Group via the portal and to keep your commitments current. Private session rescheduling happens between student and their teacher. Please inform our administrator in advance if you cannot attend Big Group and do the same with your Small group teacher when you cannot attend. Thank you.
All student work and comments happening during Big and Small groups and with private teachers are held in confidence but may be shared as needed between DH10 teachers only. Personal recordings are not allowed. Portal recordings of Big Group are strictly confidential and are not to be downloaded and/or shared with others under any circumstances. Thank you for your cooperation.

When a student is accepted into DH10, they are required to review all curriculum since January 2018 via “Catch-Up Recordings.” To minimize the cost of catching up, members receive the following discounts for missed curriculum before their acceptance date.


2018 Recordings: $100 Flat Fee (includes the entire year curriculum)

2019 Recordings: $100 Flat Fee (includes the entire year curriculum)

2020 Recordings – 50% Discount:
$45: “Catch-up” recordings of Big Group Saturdays
$87.50: “Catch-up recordings of Big Group weekends

Registration for the “Catch-Up Recordings” can be completed below.

Please contact [email protected] for registration details for “Catch-Up Recordings.”

As DH10 teachings are cumulative in nature, all accepted students will be required to listen to the “Make-Up Recordings” from any Big Group meetings they may miss due to illness or absence.

Prices are as follows for these “Make-Up Recordings” (when a member misses a meeting due to absence or illness):

$90: Recordings of missed Big Group Saturdays (Saturday Daylong)
$175: Recordings of missed Big Group full weekends

DH10 “Make-Up Recordings” will be available exclusively for DH10 students via the Ridhwan Portal, which is a password protected section of the general Ridhwan Website. The Teaching Library contains the recordings you have registered for. “Make-Up Recordings” typically come available within 24 hours of the meeting.

IMPORTANT: If know you are going to miss a meeting, please pay for the event before it begins. This will give you immediate, automatic access to the recordings in your Teaching Library within 24 hours after the event. If you fail to do so, you must use the payment links below. You will receive a second email from Gregory within 3 business days letting you know that the “Make-Up Recordings” are now available in your Teaching Library.

Registration for the “Make-Up Recordings” can be completed below.

After submitting the payment form below, you will receive an automated email confirmation.

For any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Your Ridhwan Member Dues for 2022Are Now Due

Dear CADH10 students,

All of us in the Ridhwan School pay annual dues to maintain our member status. Dues help cover the operating costs of the Ridhwan Foundation—the backbone of the school that brings this precious work to the world. Ridhwan is now collecting these payments for 2023:

Below are a few examples of what the Foundation does:

  • Helps to develop online offerings for newcomers as well as more seasoned students
  • Maintains the portal and website, including the teaching library
  • Produces free all-school events and supports the daily meditations led by Ridhwan teachers
  • Trains and supports many group administrators working behind the scenes

As a nonprofit organization, the Foundation relies on dues and donations to help cover operating costs associated with these and many other functions.

Your dues become due in January, are due by the end of March and are considered late as of April 1. Because of the volume of late payments received in past years, the Foundation is also instating an administrative fee of $20 USD on late payments.

I am not sending out invoices, so this email serves as notification to pay your annual dues for 2022.

The Ridhwan Foundation is using the same sliding scale as last year for paying your dues, to offer you a chance to pay more than the “baseline” if you can afford to; the scale also allows you to pay less if you are in real financial need.

The baseline (100%) tier is the standard amount the Foundation asks students to pay, but since the sliding scale is meant to produce the revenue needed to run the school, we encourage you to pay at the level you can afford. If you can pay more than the baseline, your generosity is greatly appreciated. The lowest tier is meant only for students experiencing financial hardship.

1st Tier Baseline (2nd tier) 3rd Tier 4th Tier 5th tier
US$ CA & CO $152.00 $190.00 $228.00 $285.00 $300.00

Ways to Pay

Here are the different ways you can pay your dues:

  1. To pay by credit card:

When you log in to the portal (, you’ll see in the middle of your screen a dues banner that says “Make Payment.”

Click this button, and you’ll go to a payment page listing the tiered dues amounts for your group.

First select the tier you can pay at, then enter the payment information in the fields that appear, then click “Contribute”.

If you pay by credit card, a payment acknowledgment will be generated automatically and sent to you as an email shortly after you have paid.

  1. To pay by PayPal:

To pay by PayPal, first log in to the portal. Then, after selecting the tier you wish to contribute at, click on the PayPal payment logo (rather than filling out the credit card fields). You will finish payment through PayPal.

Again, the deadline to receive payments is March 31.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your contribution! Ridhwan greatly appreciates your support.

Offered through the Diamond Approach Online website (which is different from the Ridhwan Portal below), this course explores the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram as a support for the regular curriculum of DH10.

Through understanding the Enneagram, we can develop a much clearer sense of what in ourselves is ultimately real and what is mechanical pattern. This allows detachment from the inner structures that separate us from our spiritual depths, and helps us develop more understanding and acceptance of ourselves and of others. While much information is currently available about the psychology of the nine types, the spiritual dimension out of which they arise is seldom recognized or taught.

Please note: All CADH10 Members are required to complete Enneagram segments 1 through 5 BEFORE the February 22, 2020 Daylong. The teachings at this event will involve the Enneagram.

Members are required to complete the final six (6) Enneagram segments by the September 12, 2020 weekend.

As a DH10 member you receive a 50% discount on registration with this coupon code – DH10SDEnneagram – when you register here:

Click here to register for “Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram” online course

Offered through the Diamond Approach Online website (which is different from the Ridhwan Portal below), this course explores the general foundations of the Diamond Approach as a support for the regular curriculum of DH10.

This course will explore our immediate experience as either a barrier or a doorway to the depth of who and what we truly are. It will guide you to understand the conditioning and beliefs that cause us to lose connection with our underlying energy and vitality – our Essence.

Please note: All CADH10 Members are required to complete this course by the end of 2019. This will give you time to focus on the DAO Enneagram Course (details below), which needs to be completed in 2020.

As a DH10 member you receive a 50% discount on registration with this coupon code – DH10INTRO50 – when you register here:

Click here to register for “Introduction to the Diamond Approach” online course

All the groups in the Ridhwan school have a private group area in the Ridhwan School’s online community – referred to as The Portal.

1. How to Log in to The Portal

Log in here: by clicking the “Portal” button in the upper left hand corner of the page.

If you don’t know your password, simply click “need help” and submit your email address after the prompt.

You will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on resetting your password.

If that process doesn’t work for you, then email [email protected] for help.

2. What’s in “My Portal”?

The My Portal section has information directly related to you. You may use the menu at left or at the top to access:

• The Teaching Library contains the recordings to which you have access.

• The Directory is much like your personal address book – you won’t see yourself, but you’ll see the other people in your groups.

3. How to Change Your Address/Personal Information?

After logging in, you may update any of your personal information, including your picture, email address, mailing address, phone number, password, and sharing preferences.

a. Once logged in, select “… More” from the menu

b. Then, click “edit profile”

c. Select the “Personal Information” tab.

d. Enter your updated information.

4. My Groups & Events

This section of the portal contains information related to your DH10 group. The Teaching Library is where you will find your Big Group Meeting recordings.

5. All School Hub

Enjoy exploring the different kinds of information available in the All School Hub, including information about Hameed’s Retreats, and affinity groups.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Portal login and password may be different from your Diamond Approach Online course/website login and password if you used a different email or password when you registered. We apologize for this complication and aim to streamline our online systems in the coming years to make this more simple.

Students can of course withdraw or start a “leave of absence” from DH10 at any time. Should this arise, we request that the departing student discuss their reasons and situation with their private teacher to assure good closure and clear understandings of options for the future should they wish to return.

A student who leaves the School would no longer be allowed access to the portal (and recordings) once they leave. Recordings are not owned by the students, they are on loan. Being a member of the school is what allows the student the privileges to the portal and recordings. Being a member is defined as continued participation in group meetings and up to date dues membership payments. Even if a student’s dues have been paid for the year, if they leave the school they are no longer considered a member, by definition; they are welcome to request a partial refund of the portion of the dues covering the part of the year in which they will not be a member.

We’re in the process of making things less confusing but right now there are 3 websites to know about:

1. – you are here – this is where all the DH10 general information and Big Group Meeting registration lives. There’s no login/password needed for this site.

2. – the school’s main website and where the Portal lives. You login to the Portal from the upper left corner where it says “Portal Login.” All your teaching recordings live here in your Teaching Library.

3. – DAO this is where all the online courses live including the required Intro to DA course.

3 Part Video Walkthrough