Big Group Meetings

This group is where the main teachings of the Diamond Approach are presented. A unique element of DA teachings is the inclusion of specifically designed, experiential exercises that encourage students to explore and investigate the teachings truth for themselves. Meetings usually end with time for group sharing of personal experiences from the exercises, along with questions and comments.

Big Group Meetings are open to all and no prior experience is needed to register. Participants who have not yet applied to DH10, can attend up to 3 consecutive Big Group meetings. You need to be an accepted student to attend more than these 3 meetings. For accepted students, these Big Group Meetings are required.

For any questions, please send an email to Becky at

CADH10 Invites All to Experience Newly Forming Bay Area Group

Will and Staying The Course

October 27, 2018 (Saturday only)
Teachers: Karen Johnson & Mayuri Onerheim
Daily Schedule: 10-1 pm (lunch) 2:30-5:45 pm
Cost: $90

The newest Bay Area Diamond Approach group – Diamond Heart 10 (DH10), invites all those interested in learning more about the Diamond Approach spiritual path, to attend up to three consecutive 2018 DH10 meetings. Attending these meetings offers you a direct experience of the Diamond Approach teachings and methods while exploring if joining DH10 as a regular member is right for you.

Will and Staying the Course

For our October and December teachings, we will continue our exploration of our true nature that is expressed as many different essential aspects.

In the October daylong, we will explore the essential Aspect of Will which plays an important role in supporting us in our movement through our emotions, reactions, and beliefs to the deeper reality of our true nature. It is the aspect that makes it possible for us to persevere and not give up on our selves and our spiritual journey.

The weekend teachings are supported by the Diamond Approach practices of inquiry, body sensing and meditation. Together, we will explore the steadfastness required for our spiritual journey, the ballast we need in our boats, for no matter how deep the sea or wide the horizons in our inquiries, there are always new adventures and explorations to be had.

You are invited to join DH10 teachers Karen Johnson, co-founder of the Diamond Approach, and Mayuri Onerheim.

The day is divided into two equal segments that feature guided meditations, introductions of the practices of the Diamond Approach and teachings of the Diamond Approach method and cosmology. There will also be related experiential exercises and time for your questions and comments. Each meeting stands on its own and you are welcome to attend 3 consecutive meetings in 2018.

This daylong is open to all – no prior experience required.

Please register in advance: Click to register

December Weekend

CADH10 Weekend
December 1-2, 2018

Teachers: Mayuri Onerheim & Nancee Sobonya
Daily Schedule: 10-1 pm (lunch) 2:30-5:30 pm
Cost: $175

CADH10 will continue the arc of teachings of the Diamond Approach over the balance of the 2018-year schedule, and each weekend or daylong will present a Diamond Approach methodology.

Each meeting stands on its own and you are welcome to attend 3 consecutive meetings in 2018.

This weekend is open to all – no prior experience required.

Please register in advance: Registration for this event opens soon.

2019 Dates

NOTE: Some of the following 2019 dates will be day-long events and some will be weekend events:

January 26-27
February 23-24
April 6-7
June 22-23
July 20-21
September 21-22
November 2-3
December 14-15