Fees & Policies

DH10 Fees

$175/each: Two-day weekends (4 total in 2019)
$90/each: Saturdays only (4 total in 2019)
$90/entire series: 6-module pre-recorded teachings titled Introduction to the Diamond Approach
$40/each: Monthly Small Group meetings
$90 – $140/each: Private sessions
$160/year: Annual Ridhwan Foundation membership dues (see description below)

As DH10 teachings are cumulative in nature, all accepted students will be required to listen to the recorded teachings from any Big Group meetings they may have missed.

$90: Recordings of missed Big Group Saturdays and full weekends
$175: Recordings of missed Big Group full weekends

If a student is accepted into DH10 later in 2018 or 2019, they are required to “catch-up” by listening to past recordings for any meetings that were missed starting with January 2018. To minimize the cost of catching up, members receive the following discounts for missed programs before their acceptance date.

$45: “Catch-up” recordings of Big Group Saturdays
$90: “Catch-up recordings of Big Group weekends

For example, if you were accepted as a member of the group in August 2018 and you missed the March daylong, you may catch up with the recording for $45. However, if you were accepted into the group in January 2018 and missed the March daylong, you must pay the full $90 amount to stay current with the group.

Payments: Full payments are due before participating in the Big Groups, Small Groups, On-line courses, or private sessions.

Annual Ridhwan Foundation Membership Dues: In 2019, once you have been formally accepted into the group, annual Ridhwan Foundation membership dues are assessed in the amount of $160 (baseline rate, a sliding scale is available). Membership dues are required for Ridhwan’s legal protection and also cover much of the administration costs required for teachers to conduct their groups and sessions. 

DH10 Policies

All student work done during the four formats listed above are considered confidential and are not to be shared with others outside these meeting.
Each of the four formats above are integral elements of the DH10 program and therefore attendance is required. Missed Big Group meetings require full payment and listening to the recordings from those meetings.
DH10 Big Group Meetings are open to all those truly interested in joining this local Diamond Approach group. No prior experience is needed to register. New people may attend 1-2 Big Group meetings before applying and committing to the group. DH10 will continue to welcome new participants to attend a big group meeting and will accept new applications throughout 2019. Its closing date is yet to be determined.
Students can of course withdraw or start a “leave of absence” from DH10 at any time. Should this arise, we request that the departing student discuss their reasons and situation with their private teacher to assure good closure and clear understandings of options for the future should they wish to return.
Recordings are available for all Big Group meetings only. They are for the purposes of making up missed sessions or for the review of a session. They are confidential and not to be shared with others. The cost of recordings is the same as the cost of the Big Group meetings.
If a student joins DH10 later in 2018 or early 2019, they are required to “catch-up” by listening to past recordings for any meetings that were missed starting with January 2018. The cost for “catch-up” recordings are 50% of the original cost of the meeting.