Big Group Meetings

This group is where the main teachings of the Diamond Approach are presented. A unique element of DA teachings is the inclusion of specifically designed, experiential exercises that encourage students to explore and investigate the teachings truth for themselves. Meetings usually end with time for group sharing of personal experiences from the exercises, along with questions and comments.

The Diamond Approach is a dynamic, evolving teaching that leads to openness, freedom, and realization of the many dimensions of our human potential—especially the amazing secrets of our spiritual nature. There are no beliefs to accept or ideology to embrace—you simply need a sincere desire to know what is true about yourself. Combining time-honored spiritual practices with modern psychological understanding, our methods help you skillfully penetrate obscurations to your inner richness and luminous depth.

DH10 Big Group Meetings are open to all those truly interested in joining this local Diamond Approach group. No prior experience is needed to register. New people may attend 1-2 Big Group meetings before applying and committing to the group. For accepted members, these Big Group Meetings are required.

For any questions, please send an email to Gregory at

The Soul Continues

September 21, 2019 
Teachers: Bob Duchmann and Nancee Sobonya
Daily Schedule: 10am – 6pm
Cost: $90
Registration Open to All (general public welcome)

We continue to explore the soul and discover how experience literally shapes us. We are constantly impacted and molded by what we encounter inwardly and outwardly. These soul impressions stay with us as an unread story until we open the book of our soul with the curious spirit of inquiry. The pages turn themselves as we sense, look, listen and learn the silent language of our body and soul.

During this weekend we will start exploring our individual consciousness. Realizing this living presence is an important step in understanding  the full potential of what it  is to be a human being. The precise teaching of the individual consciousness is one of the unique contributions of the Diamond Approach®.

All are invited to join this expedition with DH10 teachers Bob Duchmann and Nancee Sobonya.

During the day we will offer Diamond Approach teachings, practices and experiential exercises designed to explore the true source of wonder, power and mystery that is our deepest nature.

Everyone may register here.

2019 Big Group Meeting Dates

(4 weekends & 4 Saturdays)

Jan. 26 – 27
Feb. 23
April 6 – 7
June 22 (Saturday only)
July 20 – 21
Sept. 21 (Saturday only) Register here
Nov. 2 – 3
Dec. 14 (Saturday only)

2020 “Big Group” Meeting Schedule

2020 Big Group Dates:

  1. Jan 25 – 26 
  2. Feb 22 – 23 
  3. April 4 – 5
  4. May 16 – 17
  5. July 18 – 19
  6. Sept 12 – 13
  7. Oct 3 – 4
  8. Nov 7 – 8
  9. Dec. 12 (Saturday Only)