To become an official member of DH10, students must complete an application questionnaire. The DH10 teachers take great care in assessing each individual application to help discover if DH10 and the Diamond Approach is a good fit for their individual needs and life situation. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you are considered “preliminarily accepted” into DH10. Full acceptance will be determined by your private teacher after you have completed at least ten private sessions and attended a minimum of two official DH10 weekends in 2018.

We understand that this is an intimate document, therefore all applications are held in strict confidence and shared only between DH10 teachers. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.

For questions or to request an application, write our administrator, Becky at:

For those of you still undecided, DH10 will continue to accept applications during 2018. To help decide, you may attend a maximum of three consecutive DH10 meetings after which you would need to be accepted to continue attending. Near the beginning of 2019, the group will officially close at which time we will no longer accept new applicants. If you would like to  attend , please visit the registration page.